Cookie’s Big Day (or, The City Slicker!)

This past Sunday, while America was celebrating Super Bowl XLVI, the Fenderales household was all atwitter with festivities surrounding Super Jowl VIII (otherwise known as Cookie’s 8th birthday). Nobody was more excited than Our Girl herself, as pictured above. It was a bright, sunny day…the perfect kind of day to eat an iced doggy biscuit procured from Furry Tales, the fanciest of pet boutiques in The City.

The birthday treat smelled and tasted wonderful, so Cookie tells us. Yum!

AND…Cookie got a beautiful new rain slicker!

It’s shiny, black, has a hood, and reflective trim for nighttime pooping, er…walking. The Velcro closures provide a perfect fit, as the bulldog physique makes for a rather capricious silhouette in garment tailoring.

That little croissant of a tail is wiggling so fast, it’s blurry all up in here!

We could hardly wait for stormy weather. Today our precipitous prayers were answered and our Doggy was anything but soggy as she sported her new coat to and fro work.  I dare say she brought many a smile to the working men and women of the Financial District. Go Cookie! Do let it rain on your parade!


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One Response to “Cookie’s Big Day (or, The City Slicker!)”

  1. Cristina Wenzl Says:

    What a lucky and sassy Rainy Day Girl!! Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on her head….she doesn’t even give it a thought 🙂 Way to go, such a slave to fashion!!

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